i am not weird. i am limited edition.

I make

I make things like these...

And these..
Deocamdata astia sunt, but I intend to make more. Mai frumosi, mai speciali si mai colorati :)
Da, sunt de vanzare :) si nu, nu sunt unul din cei ce fauresc tot anul martisoare si felicitari si le vand in Podul Ros langa covrigarie. I just make things....

uh, uh...I almost forgot... I made this one too and thanks to my friend Corin it is already a star and has a special name :) That one and the white one above are sold :)) me happy!

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Anonim spunea...

In my secret life, I smile when I'm angry..

caracterizare completa.... :)

cineva de departe.

junior spunea...

ci tari is! brava gagica!